Racial Equity Strategist

Is your organization or business stuck on how to promote racial equity in the workplace? Do you need to change your corporate culture? 


Pulling from her vast experience as a long-time activist and social justice expert, Lavon transforms perceptions and behaviors from the status quo to forward-looking, inclusive thinking and action steps through dynamic facilitation.

The Illusion: Racism in the Domestic Violence Movement through the lens of a Black Woman

Millions need to see and hear this video Lavon. You masterfully addressed the devil that is in the details of racial, social, economic change (and so many other intersections). This was better than a TED TALK!

– Marche Clark, former Executive Director of the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence


Ms. Morris-Grant has been excellent at bridging the gap between frontline and management staff; focusing everyone on the mission and the role that each person plays in fulfilling the mission, while reminding all staff that their role is to support the transformation of the program participants. This has been an invaluable transformation for our organization as we continue our work with Ms. Morris-Grant on centering trauma informed care and person-centered empowerment as we strive for racial equity.

– Adrianne Hamiliton-Butler, Executive Director of Zaban Paradies Center

I invited Ms. Grant to Seattle Washington in 2017 to be a keynote speaker at our annual WSCADV conference. I was fortunate to be in the room as Ms. Grant delivered invaluable information that focused on social justice, racism, oppression, and ways to create a more equitable organization.  It’s clear that Ms. Grant is a leader and an advocate that chooses to use her platform to educate folks across our country.

– Deadria Boyland, Director of Membership and Advocacy at Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence

During my tenure at the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence (GCADV), Ms. Morris-Grant often provided guidance and strategy to Women of Color, white women, and those aspiring to be allies in their efforts to address social justice, racism, oppression, and create more equitable organizations.

– Shenna Morris, Program Manager at Collaborative Solutions