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We as Black women always find a way to be resilient. Some of us don’t make it, and that’s okay too. We hold them dear also. We hold their voices, hold them as our ancestors…..

The #BlackWomenWillBreathe podcast is a platform for Black women’s voices, skills, and talents to be recognized and appreciated. It is an opportunity for Black women around the world to unapologetically know and understand their worth and value, and most importantly that they matter.

#BlackWomenWillBreathe | Episode 1
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Why #BlackWomenWillBreathe?

Lavon Morris-Grant, the creator of #BWWB, was up late one night following the murder of George Floyd. Thinking about his words "I can't breathe" she wrote the following:


It’s time and past time to take the band-aids off all the oozing wounds that have been inflicted upon Black women by white women at domestic violence and sexual assault organizations and do the surgical triage that has been needed for many many years so that Black women can get to their healing. Many organizations are opening back up and Black women are returning back to their racist, mircro-aggression organizations. During Covid and in the midst of  Black people being killed, Black women can no longer be in these organizations the same way they left — with white women’s knees on their necks, literally to where we can’t breathe — killing us. And white women knowing that they will be protected by other white women’s complicit silence while they are killing us with their knees on our necks, the same way those three offices protected the cop killer of George Floyd. But now they are exposed and so are you! Your time is up! We will breathe! Black women will breathe together.

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