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Finally! The Black Women’s Leadership Training You’ve Been Waiting For!

Join us for this exciting

EmpowerHER: Black Women’s Leadership Training

May 1- 2, 2024 on Zoom! This exceptional two-day leadership event is deliberately designed to equip you with the strategies needed to enhance your leadership growth, transform your approach, and increase your network.

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  • Unlock Your Potential:

  • Advocate for Change:

Did you know that only 19% Black women in the nonprofit sector are CEO's and 1.4% of Black Women are  in corporate America? It’s time to change that narrative. Our Virtual Live Training is designed exclusively for you – the change-makers, the leaders, and the trailblazers.

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  • Invest in YOUR Leadership:

Your leadership journey is unique, and we are here to invest in it. From dynamic keynotes to inspiring activities, we’re offering a tailored experience to help you flourish in your career.

In this transformative experience, we are committed to empowering Black women like you to rise to leadership roles. Together, let’s break down barriers and build bridges. It’s not just about leadership; it’s about reshaping the narrative and championing diversity at the top.

  • Together We Thrive:

Our community is your support system. Connect with like-minded individuals, mentors, and industry leaders. Let’s foster a network that uplifts and inspires, ensuring no Black woman stands alone on her journey to the top.


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You'll be able to identify and apply your leadership styles while working with large groups.

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Increased self-confidence and a stronger belief in your abilities to lead effectively.

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Opportunities for knowledge exchange in learning from the diverse experiences of other participants.

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Deeper understanding of intersectionality in leadership, recognizing the impact of various identities on professional experiences.


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One message a week with a time limit of 2-3 minutes.

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voice call app that allows you private access to me to leave a voice message with your questions. This is ideal for your strategic or conceptual questions.

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Access to Black Women's Leadership Facebook Community Group:     

in this group you'll be able to share successes, seek advice, and receive encouragement from women who understand the unique dynamics faced by Black women in leadership roles.

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One month Zoom follow-up with entire group

a 90 minute Zoom session to reconnect and share highlights 

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And More...


Adrianne Hamilton-Butler,

Executive Director of Zaban Paradies Center

"Ms. Morris-Grant has been excellent at bridging the gap between frontline and management staff; focusing everyone on the mission and the role that each person plays in fulfilling the mission. Ms. Morris-Grant continues to center trauma informed care and person-centered empowerment as we work with her in striving for racial equity. "

Joyful Heart Foundation

Lavon's no-nonsense style struck a chord with World Shelter conference goers and she was one of the few speakers that recieved a spontaneous standing ovation.

Deadria Boyland, Director of Leadership & Development

Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence 

"I invited Ms. Grant to Seattle Washington in 2017 to be a keynote speaker at our annual WSCADV conference. I was fortunate to be in the room as Ms. Grant delivered invaluable information that focused on social justice, racism, oppression, and ways to create a more equitable organization. It’s clear that Ms. Grant is a leader and an advocate that chooses to use her platform to educate folks across our country."

Save Your Seat:


Don't miss out on this empowering opportunity! Join us for a virtual training that goes beyond conventional leadership programs.

black history month

Early Bird Registration Fee: $250

Register Now and Be the Change:

Regular Registration Fee: $350

Advocate, Invest, Lead – Together we shape a future where Black women's leadership is not just recognized but celebrated. Join us on this transformative journey!

©2024 Lavon Morris-Grant. All rights reserved.

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